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Will you wish upon, will you walk upon me?

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December 31st, 2014

02:17 pm: [sticky post] PERMANENT SALES
Permission granted by lineaalba in April of 2010.



1. I hold for 24 hours ONLY. I've had people string me along for days in the past and it's annoying. :c

2. I charge actual shipping + fees, this means that I will weigh your package at the post office with its handy-dandy self-serve scale ASAP once state/country/zip are provided.

3. Packages will be shipped on the nearest possible weekday UNLESS I have a work shift that day that makes doing so difficult or impossible. I retain receipts and will let you know your order status.

4. I only accept payments via Paypal OR Amazon Payments should you happen to use that. Paypal address is floogen.nacht065 AT gmail DOT com. If I tell you something different I've goofed, I just made a new account and sometimes I forget.

5. Include name, address, LJ name and ordered items in the paypal note, to keep things running smoooothly.



NOTE: International shipping can and will be VERY costly, very easily. Please keep this in mind when requesting quotes.

here's the sales they never fail...Collapse )

October 14th, 2013

02:56 am: Perler Bead Sprite Commissions
Hi all!

I offer PERLER BEAD SPRITES, for your pixelated pleasure.

Terms, Prices, ExamplesCollapse )

May 20th, 2009

12:36 am: yikes
whilst browsing ebay...


January 25th, 2009

04:42 pm: Today I bought some tiny pears (seckel pears). They're really small and smell terribly of alcohol. You bite them and they taste like it too, but if you keep eating it it actually tastes good, the fermented alcohol taste stays but you can taste regular pear and spiciness like cinnamon. I bought them because they're cute and will fit in my lunchbox. I'm pretty glad they're actually edible.

January 6th, 2009

02:14 pm: Once more, I find myself looking at review blogs specifically to flesh out my Amazon wish list. I received a good deal of books for Christmas and haven't finished those yet, of course, and I also have a great deal of Other Books to read. Yet for some reason I still want to acquire more. It's an addiction! Fortunately I can easily satisfy the book-buying needs for quite cheap courtesy of thrift stores and my beloved Dawn Treader on Liberty (there's another used book store but it smells so bad!), and I have enough willpower to not buy everything on Amazon. So, with the danger of breaking the bank nonexistent I guess it isn't a problem, but damn do I ever have a massive backlog! My bookshelf, also, is very lopsided. I'm going to shove it aside so it's braced against the wall. I don't *think* this is due to the sheer amount of books I have, unless I tend to weight my stacks towards the left and I don't realize it. I'll test that theory, but the most likely thing is that my bookshelf cost 20 bucks at Ikea. It WAS straight before though, so I could very well be stressing the poor thing out.

Anyway, I also catalog what I read every year. However, I tend to list books before I finish, and sometimes before I even start, so that come New Year's, my booklist for the previous year is inaccurate. But as for the half finished ones... should I list them by the year in which I finish reading or by the year in which the majority of the book was read? I'm leaning towards the latter, but... opinions?

December 17th, 2008

04:24 pm: I passed my math class with a C.

I *barely* passed, but I did.

My grades are probably C, C, B, A. The English was so different and I'm terrible at nonfiction writing, possibly at fiction as well. Algebra continues to elude me. I skipped out on the last-day-not-doing-anything photo class to take that math test and i spent a good two hours doing the problems OVER AND OVER AND OVER and I still forget to distribute and I still lose constants and i still forget my negative numbers and I can't help but wonder why I can't comprehend 3 + -4(5x - 4) -2 (x+9) is -22X + 1. I did that SIX TIMES. Every time I missed another tiny detail and came up with weirder and more extravagant wrong answers. I have a raging headache and I was near tears for most of class. I don't understand why I can't keep track of three things and multiply correctly. To be fair to myself, i was *shaking* and teary and generally freaking out (I came *this* close to Complete and Utter Failure) and that likely impacted my ability to keep things straight. But I was doing the right equations, I had everything mostly set up correctly, I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING and didn't know that I did. the only reason I did so poorly was because I forgot a negative here or distributed wrong there. I can't believe that I'm too stupid to remember that there's a negative sign there or that I have to add this three in.

But I sat there and while my understanding is only very marginally better, I passed, I got a high B on the test and I never have to take that class again. But i do need to sit here and solve a few equations every now and again so I can at least retain my feeble grasp on mathematical concepts.

I don't feel very good. Sore throat all full of goop, headache (math and intense upset induced), general sluggishness. Occasional stomach upset. I need to go to Target but i want to stay home and sleep. grggrg. I want, basically, to complete my christmas shopping and some normally-expensive lindt truffles where for some reason the small bags of most flavors are on sales but the REALLY BIG bags of my favorite ones are for the same price. 7 dollars worth of em for $2.50. but i'm all deathy. the intelligent part of me is all "SLEEP" but the "ooh shiny!" part is like "CHOCOLATE".

Current Mood: not well

August 16th, 2008

09:57 am: In which she decides she must try every flavor of propel
Note to self: Don't buy the orange propel. Seriously, why do you have to try every single flavor when you already know which ones you like? Melon was tasteless and you hate mandarin oranges so why would you even buy that in the first place? At least it only cost you 2.50 for six bottles and you managed to foist some of it off on your sister. Stick to the raspberry lemonade, please.

Also: Whenever I don't set an alarm, that is on days when I intend to sleep in, I wake up EARLY, every time. Usually I can decide, "Oh I wanna wake up at 10 am!" and I will, just that easily, but when I want to sleep until maybe 11? Nope. The moral of the story is, I need to set an alarm regardless.

August 15th, 2008

02:43 pm: Floooooooooooon!
Okay, so I get obsessive about things. Right now, it's Pokemon.

I decided that my favorite Pokemon was Drifloon. I decided immediately that I wanted a Drifloon doll. But Pokemon toys are heinously expensive (I will never own a Dialga doll :( ) so i got crafty and made Drifloon!

As I am a shitty seamstress, he has flaws but this one turned out wayyyy better than most of my projects do. I got lucky at the fabric store and got the ultra-soft purple fabric for half price and when I stuffed him nice and plumply (word?) he turned out SO SOFT. Seriously, this is the most huggable thing I own. Unfortunately, he's a mite lumpy, but....

July 30th, 2008

10:40 am: My address is changed, meaning my tuition is waaaaaaaay less and now my scholarships cover the whole first year. I have the whole year's rent saved already, plus some extra so I can continue to save as well as have something if anything comes up. I'm registered and I made my first payment with the check I recieved on Friday. Just waiting on the MME thing to go through and then the remainder will be paid leaving some extra for maybe a book (it'll be less than 200 dollars leftover, I don't know exactly how heinously expensive the books will be but I'm going to assume it's Awful) or a calculator (again, I don't know how heinously expensive that is yet). The other two scholarships I have I won't need until next semester, fortunate because I have to mail them some proof of registration and then they have to mail me and the college and....

The last thing is to arrange being put at another Kroger and maybe to collect some applications elsewhere in hopes of eventually leaving said establishment. I detest my job, and pretty much everywhere else pays significantly better but I doubt that I can get anything else anytime soon so I just have to continue to Suck it Up and Deal With It. I *might* be able to handle a period of time unemployed but that's way too foolhardy and a completely stupid risk to take, I think. I need to save for next year. I'm prepared enough now that I can do the same thing that I did this year, except of course I intend to get a bank account as that particular part of the plan continues to slip my mind.

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